Sump Pump and Sump Pit Installation

Sump pumps are set down into a Sump Pit. The Sump Pump acts like a large floor drain pulling water from in and around the foundation of your home and directs it out away for the home. 

Our experience in radon mitigation and sump pump installation go hand in hand, as we’re exposed to a lot of different systems every day, making us experts in our field.

Pricing is based on each service provided and specified when a quote is given.

How do we get water out of your basement?

When water enters your basement, the water will channel to a drainage system and make it’s way to the sump basin, where it is then pumped up and away from the house.

How do sump pumps work?

  • Homes with basements and crawl spaces are perfect candidates for sump pumps
  • Sump pumps should be installed at the lowest point of the structure
  • Battery backup Sump Pumps are a wise investment
  • Sump pumps lines can freeze just like water lines
  • Sump Pumps should be tested by the homeowner every 3 months
  • Proper choice of placement and installation of sump pumps as well as

Where to send the water being pumped out takes a well-trained professional. We have the experience and training to help you make the best waterproofing choices.